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Rendering Witness
Museum of Jewish Heritage | 2020

When a colleague with the museum’s Collections and Exhibitions (C&E) curated an exhibition showcasing its comprehensive collection of art — primarily sketches — rendered by Jews and other victims of the Nazi regime, largely bestowed through families of victims and survivors local to NYC, a lead or ‘hero’ image (Eight Men in Coats with Stars, 1944) was chosen amongst the roughly two-dozen artworks featured in a 27 x 45ft gallery space, which I then designed title-wall and general exhibition branding around.

An elevation design is shown as well as a full-wall floor-to-ceiling enlargement of a prisoner’s sketch which required ample but delicate image manipulation from a high-resolution scan. Also included are multiple initial branding concepts and typography treatments provided to the curator and internal clients, as well as various object labels, collateral postcard designs, and a lobby/museum monitor title image informing patrons and visitors.
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