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Ron Underberg is a designer and art director with experience ranging from corporate branding design to digital and publication design, to illustration, to directing and creating projects in motion design. He has worked in both full-time and freelance capacities ranging from the small creative branding agency environment to communications teams in multi-national social relief advocacies, as well as the museum and educational sector.

The domain-name runderberg is derived from the sometimes assigned boilerplate for company email where the first initial runs into an employee’s last name.

While much of his contributions within a team configuration over the last decade has been in the nonprofit sector across a wide array of ideology and consortiums, the ability and desire to help empower the tenets of education, health services, and civil rights is an overarching motive that guides much of the voice within the design work found in these pages.

Though not actually a vintage Niagara daredevil (see image), Underberg did spend fifteen years on the opposite end of the state in NYC, and is currently based near one of the larger Finger Lakes in Central NY, just outside Ithaca. If given the option, he likely started his day with a cup of pour-over coffee made from whole beans sourced from a significantly warmer climate!

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