Graphic Design | Art Direction

Branding Identity | Logo Design
Anti-Defamation League | 2016

In the traditional sense of 'a meeting of intellectuals or other eminent people', the 'salon' in ADL@Salon was to convey a think-tank and policy-dialogue approach to developing a civil-rights-based initiative within the Anti-Defamation League. As its recently appointed CEO stated in his efforts to transform this traditional non-profit advocacy, the initiative's aim was to "bring together divergent voices into dialogue in an open and unfettered, off-the-record exchange." The program needed a contemporary and tech-oriented branding to convey the evolving approach the agency was taking in its efforts “to infuse new ideas and approaches for combating hatred and prejudice in our world.”

One of my initial logo submissions for the program (names for the initiative itself also being weighed in its early stages) was selected after the Creative Director fielded the new project to myself and two in-house design associates. Early versions are shown along with collateral usage (each participant had folders and support materials) produced for each 'Salon' event.
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